SYTYCD - Week 3 Performances

Karla & Jonathan - Got smooth hip hop this week and I think Nigel was way too hard on them. I thought they had great, smooth, risky, chemistry that was perfectly gangster. I thought it was really tacky for him to bet the audience they'd be in the bottom 3 next week, I hate when Judges predict. gah!

Asuka & Vutolio - Got jazz with Mandy Moore and, although their costumes were just insane, the routine was great! Sexy, thrashing, rocker-esque. Great lifts!!! He was strong, macho, dominant and she was feisty, sexy and did a great job with the jazz movements. Really liked it.

Ade & Melissa - Got rumba and did a pretty great job, especially that arial spin Melissa did in the first minute, wow!!! Super sexy, Ade! They did stumble a few times and it was a bit jerky but ballroom is incredibly tough so, you have to give them mad props!

Brandon & Jeanette - Got hip hop and TOTALLY KILLED IT!!! Oh my gawd, this was by far my favorite routine for them so far and of all the hip hop routines tonight. wow! Brandon, dude, the popping & locking and smooth hip hop moves were fantastic. Jeanette, Lord, girl, she could win this entire thing; she's a Chameleon and seems to master everything she tries. I am totally falling for this couple and think they are going to go to the end for sure!!! wow...

Kayla & Kupono - Got vienese waltz for their first dance as a couple, since their partners Ashley and Max went home last week and they did a really good job! So effortless looking, so suave, romantic, flowy and dreamy... beautiful! Caitlin can do no wrong, my bets are that she will survive every partner she ends up with but I think Kupono did good enough to hang around another week.

Evan & Randi - Got contemporary with Mia Micheal's and Randi's BUTT was center stage tonight. Another WOW routine for me and I am normally not a Mia Michael's fan. Super sexy, sophisticated almost jazzy routine that really showcased both of their talents. Evan was super cheeky and just perfect for this role of the mezmerized love-struck fool. I really loved this routine and would definitely pick of the phone to vote for them!!!

Caitlin & Jason - Got the paso doble this week... good routine, not incredibly memorable but I just love this couple and hope they get the votes to stay another week!

Janine & Phillip - Got broadway this week and really nailed it! Great characters, fantastic tricks and lifts, really fun and memorable. Phillip was just too adorable for words and that Janine is a star! My second favorite routine of the night!!!


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