30-Day Shred: Week 2 Results

Just for everyone who keeps asking, I am blogging every single day on Sparkpeople.com and you can following along with me on my daily journey (as well as to see my healthy eating plan) by viewing my Spark Page at: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=ashavers

The second week was NOT any easier than the first week, but I wasn't expecting it to be... no pain, no gain, right? :) But, I am so much stronger, have so much more energy and endurance, I'm sleeping so soundly and through the night and my clothes are literally falling off me! I have definition in my shoulders, upper arms, back, abs, thighs and calves and my baby belly bulge is quickly disappearing... as are my boobs. argh! Why or why are the boobs almost always the first to go?!?!? :( I have already purchased new bras & underwear and 1 size smaller jeans/capris, just to get me through the summer because I can't wear anything in my closet right now. Yea!!!

On to the specific numbers:

Just in the last 7 days, I have:
Lost: 0 weight
Lost: 2" in my waist
Lost: 1" in my hips
Lost: 0.5" in my neck
Lost: 0.5" in my thighs

In total, over the past 2 weeks of doing The Shred, I have:
Lost: 1lb
Lost: 3" in my waist
Lost: 1" in my waist
Lost: 1" in my neck
Lost: 0.5" in my thighs
Lost: 0.5" in my upper arms

MOST IMPORTANT: I am following a "Fat Shred" healthy eating plan that I have detailed in my Day 12 blog entry on Sparkpeople.com and I am not cheating at all! I have faithfully followed this plan, carefully weighed/portioned everything I have put in my mouth and have even turned my husband on to it! You can read all about my struggles and triumphs on my Sparkpeople.com Spark Page.

Good luck to everyone else on their getting fit journeys!!!


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