30-Day Shred: Week 1 Results

After a grueling week of eating clean, staying hydrated and doing The 30-Day Shred every single day for 7 days, my results are in and I'm beyond pleased:

Lost: 1.5lbs
Lost: 1" from waist, 0.5" from neck and 0.5" from upper arms

I can already see ab definition in my obliques, definition in my calves and my favorite pair of jeans fits so much LESS snug!

**Note: I am on my period so, I am bloated and I think my weightloss would've been a smidge higher on any other week. I hope it will be reflected in next week's weigh-in**

I am so impressed with my stamina after only one week in as well; I can do the entire Level 1, mostly keeping up with the Advanced moves. I can do push-ups for 2 minutes and can do crunches for 5 minutes! I've also noticed that I am more flexible, which is always a plus. I'm only using 3lb weights because I want more cardio benefits than strength and because I'm deathly afraid of bulking up. :) Stick with me over the next 22 days!


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