30-Day Shred: Week 4 Results

Just for everyone who keeps asking, I am blogging every single day on Sparkpeople.com and you can following along with me on my daily journey (as well as to see my healthy eating plan) by viewing my Spark Page at: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=ashavers

Yesterday was my 4th weigh-in and measurement taking and while I'm very happy about it, a piece of me is a tiny bit disappointed because my losses aren't quite as high:

Just in the past 7 days I have lost:
Weight: 0lbs
Waist: 0.5"
Hips: 0"
Thighs: 0.25"
Neck: 0.5"
Upper arms: 0.5"

In total, over the past 4 weeks I have lost:
Weight: 2lbs
Waist: 5.0" (Yes, F.I.V.E!!!)
Hips: 1.0"
Thighs: 1.5" in each thigh
Neck: 1.5"
Upper arms: 1.0"

I'm really so pleased with the overall results, this program delivered everything it said it would and I'm so glad I gave it 100% with my workouts each day and my healthy eating program every day. I have more energy that I ever could've imagined, I'm sleeping longer and more soundly and my stress level is virtually zero. I have incredible muscle definition in my arms, shoulders, back, abs and my legs although I am no where near my weigh-loss goals. :) I will continue to use Jillian Michael's workout DVDs and plan to start a new program in two more days, once my 30-day Shred program is over.


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