SYTYCD - Week 4 Performances

Jeanette & Brandon - got ChaCha this week, their 3rd ballroom/latin routine so far and I think this genre really suits them both so well! What a great pair they make. Sizzling, hot, sexy, sharp and exciting. I'm liking Brandon more and more seeing him out of his element.

Kayla & Kupono - got Contemporary with Sonja and did a Twilight/Vampire tribute and it was really good. These two are so technically good, they are beautiful to watch... I hope they stay together as a couple.

Randi & Evan - got Broadway this week and they, too did a great job! Evan was perfect in his dance element and Randi held her own for sure, she's adorable. I have to admit, I wasn't completely blown away, like last week, but it was good.

Jason & Caitlin - got Jazz this week and it was Caitlin's time to take charge and be dominant in this routine and other than her costume, she did a great job! What an insane story behind this dance but really creative, engaging and I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Janine & Phillip - got hip hop this week and were chained together for the entire routine, which was awesome!!! They are my top couple and I was really impressed with Janine's ability to keep up with Phillip's style. Great job!

Melissa & Ade - got classical ballet dance this week and beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this routine for me. Melissa was exquisite and Ade was so strong and yet so tender and loving. Seeing Melissa go en pointe was a real treat. I loved this routine!!!

Karla & Vutolio - got Quickstep this week. I LOVED the museum theme, music and costumes and Karla was amazing in this character, wow! Vutolio was debonaire , masculine, strong and sexy and a great partner in this routine for Karla. The Quickstep is usually the kiss of deathe on this show but not for this couple, they did a great job and I think they'll be back next week.


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