SYTYCD - Week 6 Performances

Whole different show this week: the girls and guys are doing group dances, everyone is performing their solos AND everyone has a brand new partner, so exciting!!!

Evan & Kayla - Viennese Waltz was their first dance as a new couple tonight and they really overcame the height difference (and not just because Kayla danced barefoot!). Gorgeous, fluid, pure and lovely. Evan was masculine, yet soft in all the right places and Kayla was magical, as always. Really enjoyed this couple!

Jeanette & Ade - got Funk/Hip Hop for their first dance as a new couple tonight and OH MY GAWD, they **killed** it! I absolutely LOVED this routine and LOVED them as a couple. Wow, I swear, Jeanette is so multi-talented, my eyes rarely left her during this performance, although Ade is really fantastic as well. I loved the choreography/story behind this routine so much as well. Very favorite routine of this evening!!! :)

Janine & Jason - two of my very favorite people in the competition got paired up this week and they got a Contemporary piece this week and OH MY GAWD (again) it was amazing!!! Their synchronicity was beyond belief as well as their chemistry. My jaw was open during this entire performance, I just loved it and yes, I did cry a little bit. ;) They are both so unbelievably talented and technically perfect, they are going to dominate this competition now as a couple. I loved it so much I just can't stand it! WOW!!!

Randi & Kupono - picked Paso Doble for their first routine as a couple and did a really great job! Can I just first say how much I loved Randi with long, dark hair?!?! :) Kupono's speciality is getting into every character of the dance and tonight was no exception, he rocked it! He was masculine, strong, passionate, fierce and very domineering. Randi was also incredibly fierce and passionate but I'm not sure ballrooms is the best fit for her and I hate saying that because I love her! argh... I'm a little worried they might be in the bottom because the dancing wasn't quite as good as the choreography. :(

Brandon & Melissa - got Broadway for their first routine as a new couple tonight. Eventhough I really hate Disco and anything to do with the 70's, I didn't completely hate this routine but I did NOT love it. I was a bit bored and I hate saying that because I LOVED Brandon with Jeanette and I really like Melissa as the prima ballerina on this show. ugh... I have a feeling they will be in the bottom as well. :(


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