SYTYCD - Week 7 Performances

Jeanette & Evan - got a Jazz routine first and while I'm not normally a huge Jazz fan, this routine was really awesome and showed off all the many talents of Jeanette... and Evan! Although, I almost forgot he was there because she's so amazing. It's hard to believe she specializes in Salsa! Really enjoyed this routine! Second routine was the Rumba and of course, Jeanette totally killed it, she is just amazing in the Latin genre: super sexy, confident and beautiful. Evan suprised me with how sexy he was but he could have been a bit more masculine. Really liked this routine from them as well!

Brandon & Janine - got the Waltz first this week and did a good job but nothing incredibly spectacular. I love them both, separately so, it's hard not to be a fan of them together but I'm not sure this routine will get them the votes. Their second routine was great, much more entertaining and better suited to their styles but I have to say Brandon totally out-shined Janine and I hate that for her. :( This routine will bring them the votes for sure... I hope!

Ade & Melissa are reunited and got Cha Cha for their first routine this week... can we say AKWARD?!?!? Yikes. Melissa could not have looked more uncomfortable and less sexy and that's too bad. :( Ade wasn't much better: a bit clunky, heavy and sloppy at times and almost looked bored. That was really hard to watch but thankfully, they got an amazing Contemporary routine next and did a much better job with the choreography that they were given. Inspiring, beautiful, soft, warm and really amazing to watch, I loved this routine and hope it saves them from elimination.

Jason & Kayla - got Broadway this week for their first routine and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I love each of them separately and together, they just killed it! Fantastic character acting, technically perfect, gorgeous lines, kicks and tricks... it was just so damn good. wow! Could you imagine if they had been a team from the beginning?!?!? :) Their second routine was just as good, great, actually! Hip Hop looks good on them both and I loved how much character acting was required for this piece because they are both experts in it. LOVED THIS ROUTINE, TOO!!! I will be very surprised if they go home.

P.S. I absolutely LOVE that Mary calls Nigel "English Muffin" LMAO!!! :D


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