SYTYCD Week5 Performances

Melissa & Ade
* Like 99.9% of all disco routines on this show, it was weak, boring... I just hated it. :( Disco, in my opinion is the "kiss of death" on this show, not the quickstep.

* Got waltz for their second routine and did a much better job than in their disco routine. They have such great chemistry, it will be a shame for them and all the couples to be split up next week. Melissa was elegant and beautiful in her movements and Ade was so classy and strong. Great routine!

Kayla & Kupono
* Contemporary routine was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I absolutely loved it, it was, by far, my favorite routine of the season! WOW :D Kayla is just amazing and Kupono really got into the character of "the addiction" so beautifully. I saw tears in Mia's eyes and in my own. Fantastic!

* Broadway really suits these two so perfectly. Wow, I really enjoyed this routine and thought they were both brilliant. Kupono really is magnificent in so many ways, he really brings his routines to life and Kayla, as always, was just flawless. Really entertaining and fun!

Jason & Caitlin
* Got the foxtrot for their first routine. So great to see them doing ballroom and I thought it was really good! Smooth, classy, dazling, elegant, fun and the lifts were really entertaining. Nothing that just knocked my socks off but still good.

* Their second routine, lyrical jazz, really showcased both of their talents and was really great! Jason is so amazing and almost outshined Caitlin in this piece. She's so talented and a great partner for him, such a shame they'll be split up.

Janine & Phillip
* Russian folk dance (what?). Unbelievably fast, high energy, great costumes, great acting in the russian characters! I love this couple, one of my top favorites, they really can do no wrong but to be honest, this routine bored me... I'm just not interested in russian folk dancing, I guess.

* I'm so glad these two got a REAL ballroom dance this round. Phillip really surprised me and Janine was so adorable!!! Great routine, really fun and quite sexy!

Randi & Evan
* Got hiphop first and killed it!!! I loved the story behind their routine and of course, I can't help but love everything they do because they are my #1 top favorite couple. ;) I thought they were hard-hitting, poppin, sharp, fluid, and completely did the routine justice. LOVED it!

* Really shook this samba, and although I hated their costumes, I LOVED this routine!!! I don't know what else to say, it was really entertaining and sexy and fun. Evan was masculine and had really great form, especially with all the lifts and tricks and Randi was such a minx! Great couple!

Jeanette & Brandon
* Danced the argentine tango first and OMG THEY KILLED IT!!! Latin dance, Salsa in particular, is Jeanette's genre, but she was just brilliant in this tango and I swear, Brandon looks like he has studied Latin ballroom. It was super sexy, fierce, passionate... PERFECT!!! They definitely deserved the standing ovation that they got, they are quickly rising to the top of this group this season!

* Got jazz for their second routine and played robbers brilliantly... these two really killed it tonight with both routines! I loved how perfectly they got into the moves and the characters, I never would've known it was them had they kept their disguises on. Really fun routine, I really liked it!


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