Dancing With the Stars: Season 9 Part II

So, the girls danced last week but with all the birthday parties and excitement we had going on, I am just now getting around to blogging about it.  :)

My first impression of the stars thus far:

Debi & Max
Debi is adorable but was like Denise Richards when she was on the show: flimsy, uncoordinated, stumbly, unfocused but GORGEOUS!  Not sure they'll last long.

Melissa & Mark
Could they BE any cuter?!?!?  I'm a huge Mark Ballas fan and I'll be rooting for them just because of that.  ha!  :)  She needs a little more confidence but great job!

Mya & Dmitry
BEST PERFORMANCE SO FAR!!!  She's got a natural gift, being a former tap dancer, it seems: she was graceful, elegant, light on her feet, poised and had great holds.  They could be an early favorite.

Kathy & Tony
So beautiful but oh, so uncoordinated and akward.  America will LOVE them but poor Kathy just cannot dance.  I guess we'll see if Tony can work his magic on her this season.

Natalie & Alec
They did such a great job, truly!  With a little polishing from Alec, Natalie could be a real contender in this competition.  She's a bit stiff and reserved but it is the first night!

Macy & Jonathan
Eh... not so great.  Love him but she didn't seem to be taking it too seriously and I guess that bothers me?!?!?  I don't think she'll last long.

Joanna & Derek
Talk about great, Joanna has "it"!  Super sexy, fluid and relaxed, great hip action, confident and really got into character.  I really like her with Derek and think they will do really great in this competition!  FANTASTIC!!!

Kelly & Louis
You can see just how hard she is trying, what a doll, Kelly is!!!  Not sure she'll win but Louis can do great things with some one who really wants to learn.  Pretty great job for their first night.


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