Dancing With the Stars, Season 9!!!

I love this show and LOVE chatting about it with my mom after each show... I literally can't wait for it to start back up each season. I of course have my favorites of the Professionals: Cheryl, Tony, Derek, Chelsie, Kym and Edyta so, part of me will be rooting on the couples based on their Pro. :)

So, they have 16 couples this year and will eliminate one guy and one girl on Wednesday, yikes! The guys dance tonight, the girls dance Tuesday.

First impression of the Stars thus far:

Aaron & Karina
I find him utterly obnoxious and my opinion hasn't changed after watching him dance. Sorry, he's just too full of himself and confident and he's not going to be someone I'll be rooting for.

Chuck & Anna
David and I are huge UFC fans so, I'm already a fan of his before his dance shoes hit the floor, ha! But, in all honesty, he was dapper, smooth at times and only a little bit akward & stiff in his movements. He smiled and only stumbled a couple of times. He's adorable but obviously NOT a dancer.

Mark & Lacey
Who doesn't watch Iron Chef America?!?!? LOVE THIS GUY! He has some serious moves and I love how she choreographed around his Martial Arts training in the ChaCha; super clever, that one. I am in instant "like" with Mark, he was really great: flexible, smooth follow-thru, great hip-action as Len would say. haha

Ashley & Edyta
Akward and stiff... enough said.

Donny & Kym
She's one of my top Pros and I love Donny so, of course I'm rooting for them and love them immediately. He really got into the character of his Fox Trot, was dapper and smooth and really seemed to do a great job dancing! He "pulled his face" a bit too much, as Carrie Ann would say but was technically very good and obviously had a great time. Loved them and will be rooting for them for sure!

Louie & Chelsie
Loved her on So You Think You Can Dance and love that she joined Dancing With the Stars last season so, I'll love this couple just based on her but, honestly, this young man is completely clueless. Adorable but a technical, hot mess.

Michael & Anna
Very entertaining and got into character during his Chacha but, like most of the football players that have been on this show, he was a bit akward and stiff at times. I sure will enjoy watching him, though!

Tom & Cheryl
Is he not the cutest thing ever?!? Love him. He got into character, a bit silly with all the ass-shaking... I was embarrassed for him, but he seemed to really enjoy it. Poor Cheryl, though, she won't win for a third time with Tom. haha :) It'll be fun to watch him chase this dream of his to learn to ballroom dance and I bet he'll get a lot of votes!


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