Happy Birthday, Emily... look who's three!

We threw an ubber-cute Thomas the Train birthday party here at home (per Emily's request, she LOVES Thomas!) while Gran was here babysitting so we could jet off to Vegas. It turned out so cute, I think. :)

I made her a cake, like I do every year, with a little help from The Party Works sugar-sheets, and we spent an hour letting her open each gift. She of course wanted to play with each one immediately so, Gran, David and I made sure we had them all put together BEFORE wrapping them. Genius! She got lacing beads, 24-piece wodden puzzles, slippers, several books, a Candyland game for 3-year olds, a teddy bear dress-up puzzle, the Step2 Fun Flow Sink, a tea party set, pom poms, coloring books, a stencil set, a doctor kit, a my little pony, a butterfly garden & magnifying glass, Disney/Pixar "Car's" toys and a ton of candy!

Thank you so much, Papa, Gran, Aunt Jenny and friends for all the amazing gifts. We love you and miss you and we're certain Emily will never forget her 3rd birthday!


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