Four years together...

Happy 4th Anniversary to me!

I can't believe 4 years has gone by since we said; "I do" because the time has just flown by and we've made so many memories together as husband & wife, partners, friends and confidants.

I honestly can't imagine my life without my husband the blessings we have in this life we share together and thank God every day for guiding me down this path in which I've found so much love and happiness.

Thank you, David for the light you bring into my life every single day. Thank you for accepting me and loving me at my worst, praising me at my best, and never wavering during all the moments in between. I cherish your relaxed, laid-back, level-headed approach to all my drama... you keep me grounded & sane! I love how naturally funny you are and even more so that it feels like this amazing secret between us because rarely does anyone else get to experience this side of you. I'm so curious and envious of all your talents and hobbies, I just love to sit back and watch you light up with excitement doing things outside of work and am generally interested when you share it all with me. I love your passion for being the very best you can be every single day, without fail; I love how successful you are at work and how you master just about everything you try your hand at; I love how you read magazines from back to front and how you always let me try the first bite of the meals YOU cook; I love that you are generous, kind, intuitive and sensitive and yet, you are this very handy, guys-guy that loves MMA and beer and muscle cars and hard rock/metal music; I love how you always figure out the ending to every movie and always guess surprises & gifts; I love how you lead me through a room with your hand on the small of my back and how you always look deep in my eyes when I talk to you; I love all the thought you put behind the cards & gifts you give me and how you always go to church with me; I love that you do our laundry and how you are with our daughter. I love you!

Thank you to all our friends and family members who've been here, along for this wild ride, supporting us, loving us, encouraging us, and helping us to grow in God and as individuals. We love you and know that we could not be the couple we are today without you! Muah! xoxoxo


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