Our 2nd Annual Block Party

The neighborhood here in Alameda, where we have lived over a year, is simply... magical.

There are families that have lived here and raised their children here, there are elderly couples who were born & raised in the houses they now own, there are young couples just starting to make their own families here and we're so blessed to have found them all when we moved into this house, especially now, realizing how kind they all are!

One of the best things about this neighborhood is the annual Block Party that is thrown every year in September, which is organized by the combine efforts of everyone. Emails go out to the Block Captains of the 4 blocks that are part of the Neighborhood Watch and they get with the families on their block to start delegating who brings what, who helps with what and how many guests everyone will be bringing with them.

This was our second Block Party and I was eager to help so, I spoke up and was put in-charge of Street Blocking, Car Removal and Signage. I partnered up with my friend, Louise and we totally killed it, if I do say so myself. hehe :) Once we got the street properly blocked off and all the cars removed (simply by reminding the people who parked there to move before 7am on Saturday!), the bounce houses arrived, followed by all the neighbors, bringing tables, chairs, food & drinks. We even had a band and a face-painter! Emily bounced and ate and bounced and bounced from 11AM until we finally went home for dinner at 6:30PM. We allowed her to skip nap because she was having way too much fun with her little neighborhood friends and it worked out great!

We can't wait until next year!


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