As a SAHM, I drink and was getting bored...

...until I found these Lipton Cold Brew tea bags, that is!!!  :)

Seriously, the thought of waiting for water to boil and then, waiting for the tea to brew in said water, made me want to drink sodas & Redbulls all day long... and I practically did because I really hate water.  I was drinking myself fat, I swear!

Now, I fill up my glass pitcher with 4 cups of cold water, throw in 2 of these "pitcher-size" tea bags and in less than 3 minutes, I have tea.  I use real sugar (3/4 of a cup), which takes a little bit of elbow-grease to dissolve in the cold water, so it tastes like real Texas Sweet Iced-tea, like I love it!

I've heard from friends they are difficult to find but I've had great luck at Safeway.


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