Moore's Pumpkin Patch, an annual family tradition

Today, we took Emily out to Dublin to visit Moore's Pumpkin Patch, as we do every year and I have to say, this was BY FAR the best year yet!

Emily was ECSTATIC and, yet calmly agreed to the rules (she must hold hands with one of us at all times!) we set before exiting the car.  Armed with $40 cash (ride tickets are $3 per ride, spendy!!!), sunscreen and light clothing (it was brutally HOT!), we took off walking around the patch, see that they offered several more toddler-friendly rides this year, including a bounce house!  Emily wasn't at all interested in the pumpkins and really just wanted to start riding so, we got in line for the Carousel and then, proceeded to ride the spinning pumpkins, bumble bee flyer and animal train and thankfully, only waited about 1-2 minutes at each ride. 

Emily wasn't interested in the pony ride this year either, which was so strange to us because it was her favorite thing at the patch last year.  She was, however, eager to take on the Giant Slide with mama... oh, dear was that thing high and fast!  She squealed with delight and wanted to do it over and over again.

Emily never tried to run off, cut in line nor refuse to get off when the rides came to an end and she didn't put up a protest when we were all sweaty and exhausted and decided we should go home.  It was a fantastic day! 


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