Thank you, Austin, TX!!!

I've been looking forward to this trip with my best girl friends for months and I just can't believe it's over.  Like with any vacation, it went by way too quickly and now, I'm back at home, day dreaming about all the fun I had and how I wish I could transplant my family, friends and the vibe of Austin here!

It was amazing to be alone; not having to think about anyone or anything but myself!  I slept, ate, showered, napped, shopped, drank, played Domino's, went to church and just hung out when I wanted, as often or as little as I wanted and for 6 days, I was rejuvinated as a woman, wife & mother.  Here are a few pics from my time in Austin:

Thank you Jenny, Alecia, Sherry & Cheryl for giving me the trip of a LIFETIME!  I love you all so much and just cannot wait until Christmas when we can do it all again!  :)


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