Thursday Thirteen - Austin, TX style!

I have only been in Texas for about 18 hours and it never fails, being "home" always tugs at my heart strings and I miss it so much with every day I spend in Austin, TX.  *sigh*

So, in the spirit of my vacation, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about the things I love & miss about my home town:

1. Stub's BBQ
2. H.E.B.
3. Sunsets over Lake Austin
4. Margaritas at Baby A's
5. The extreme shifts in weather that can have you in a coat at 7AM and swimming by 4PM
6. Chuy's
7. Austin Christian Fellowship
8. Sullivan's Steakhouse
9. Mt. Bonnell and it's amazing views
10. Brunch at ZTejas, out on the patio of course!!!
11. Cowboy boots that are appropriate all year round
12. Eddie V's
13. UT football and the spirit of the city that rises up around it's team


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