Thursday Thirteen

As a Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), my job revolves around putting others' needs in front of my own and it can be a difficult balance to do a great "job" and yet, take time out for myself.  I've also come to realize that as a SAHM, I now have a different idea of what constitutes as "time for myself", some of it quite sad, that would barely pass even in the eyes of other SAHMs.  Alas, it's the best I can do right now.  :)

So, this week's Thursday Thirteen is a list of things I have done for myself lately (don't laugh as you, too could be a SAHM with a similarly sad list of your own!):

1. I listened to my IPod while jogging with Emily (she was in her stroller) so I could take a "mental break"... I just could not stand to hear her beg for a sucker one more time.
2. While putting together puzzles in the living room, I turned on Oprah and watched with one eye.
3. I grocery shop on Saturday mornings and not only do I get myself a beverage from Starbuck's, but I also get myself a bagel from the Bakery and walk up and down every single aisle, taking my sweet time to do our weekly shopping.
4. I got myself a Freedo from Pete's Coffee as a treat while taking Emily on a walk yesterday.
5. I turn the radio up a bit loud when driving in the car and pretend I am alone... yes, I often sing along
6. I told David I was going to bed early last night but went upstairs to read 4 chapters of a novel I've been trying to finish for a month!
7. I put Emily in her crib for 2 hours of "rest" time, regardless of if she actually falls asleep and naps so I can watch daytime television.
8. I also wait to eat lunch during said "rest" time so I can actually taste my food.
9. During my pedicure last weekend, I fell asleep and it was my first nap in like a year!
10. I put people on speaker-phone so I can play games online, watch TV and chat over Instant Messenger at the same time because I don't have enough time in an entire week to do any one of these things.
11. I gave Emily a donut while shopping at Safeway this morning because I knew I could get 30 minutes of complete silence to just walk around and be with my thoughts.  By the time I got her the donut, I had actually done all my shopping so, that 30 minutes really was quiet time.
12. As Emily played at the playground last week, I Facebooked from my IPhone so I could catch up with a friend I hadn't talked to in months!
13. I put Emily in front of the television with her breakfast almost every single morning so I can shower... ALONE... IN PEACE & QUIET!  :)


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