Thursday Thirteen

Some days I feel like I go, go, go, rarely have a moment to sit down, relax and gather my thoughts and yet, at the end of the day, I didn't actually accomplish much at all due to all the interruptions that having a child brings to one's day.

Today was one of those days so, here it is, the 13 things I did today that really didn't amount to much at all:

1. 10:45AM after getting us both dressed, our teeth brushed, our hair fixed, eating breakfast and loading up my purse with a Pull-up, wipes & a drink for Emily, we headed out the door to Michael's to marvel at all the Halloween decorations... and to get ideas for this year!
2. 12:36PM stopped to get gas on our way home from Michael's and used the Walgreen's Drive-thru to refill a Rx
3. 1:05PM while Emily ate lunch, I made a batch of pizza dough to freeze & use later as well as the Ceasar dressing for David & I's salad later on tonight for dinner and then, made a Costco list of things we ran out of this week
4. 2:00PM got Emily down for her nap, cleaned up the coloring supplies Emily used after eating her lunch, made & ate lunch myself and then, sat down on the couch to catch up on some shows I had on my DVR and to chat with my sister over Gmail IM for 8 minutes
5. 3:15PM booked a hotel and rental car for a wedding we are attending with 2 other couples over the Halloween weekend; booked our tickets to Cirque du Soleil's "Ovo" show in San Jose in February; paid bills online and then, called my mom to tell her about Emily's recent well-child visit
6. 4:08PM got Emily out of her crib, changed her, re-dressed her, put her hair back up and took her outside to play with the neighborhood kids who had just returned from their day at school
7. 4:18PM chased the cat out of the neighbor's yard, from across the street and then, down from a tree *sigh*
8. 4:30PM drew & then played Hopscotch with Emily & the kids next door
9. 5:50PM filled up my watering can... four times so Emily could "help" me water my potted Hibiscus plants before going inside for the evening
10. 6:00PM created snakes, balls and a little house out of play-doh and some toothpicks while making Emily's dinner
11. 6:40PM got Emily's face & hands washed, brushed her teeth, got her in her PJs and then, read 6 books while Emily jumped around, dancing & reading the words along with me (she knows most of her books by heart)
12. 7:19PM finally turned off Emily's light and then, finished cleaning up the kitchen from the play-doh & dinner mess, picked up the clutter from the living room, made dinner for David & I and cleaned up that mess, swept & mopped the kitchen floor and wiped down the counters as well as the stove, started the dishwasher, returned a phone call from my sister and fed the cat dinner
13. 8:39PM officially ended my work day and updated this blog with the 13 things I did today


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