Thursday Thirteen

With Emily being much more independent and me finally feeling like I have this mothering thing down (at least for now!), I have fallen into a routine that I find myself repeating every single week, keeping our household clean & running smooth.  Because I get asked; "how do you do it all?" ALL THE TIME, I decided to dedicate a Thursday Thirteen post to my weekly house-hold running routine so that some of you can calm your curiosities.   ;)

Every week, without fail I:

1. Pay bills and balance our checkbook, file away all coupons, statements & correspondence, deposit any checks, withdraw our spending money for the week and check our budget progress on
2. Meal plan for the week (breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner for all three of us, plus any guests we might have), check our grocery inventory, make a shopping list of what I need, check for coupons (the ones I have cut out on Sunday and the sights I check online), do all the shopping and put everything away
3. Check our household inventory of toiletries, gardening & pet supplies, paper products and personal care products, make a list of what I need, check for coupons, do all the shopping and put everything away
4.  Wash, fold & put away the towels we've used during the week as well as the bathroom rugs & mats
5. Wash Emily's bedding & lovies and remake her bed, wipe down her furniture, clean out from under her bed (she likes to hide things under it), re-organize the books & toys neatly in her closet, and hang up & put away her clothes that David washed over the weekend
6. Wash our bedding & remake our bed
7. Sweep & mop all the floors in our house (I do the kitchen floors multiple times a day but only do the hardwood floors in all other rooms once a week)
8. Clean the toilet, sink, tub/shower, counters, shelves, mirrors and Emily's potty in the bathroom and remove the accumulated trash
9. Dust & then, polish the dining room, living room & master bedroom furniture and dust all the baseboards, window sills and fans
10. Clean the couch upholstery, vacuum & rotate the cushions and Febreeze the fabric & all pillows
11. Go through and toss out all magazines & newspapers
12. Vacuum all the rugs
13. Clean all the windows

It **seems** like a lot but I'm so lucky that David does so much to help out every day before/after work and over the weekends.  As a bonus (and just to brag a bit on my husband!), here's a list of the 13 things he does every week:

1. Cleans the cat's litter box
2. Takes out all trash, compost & recycling and put the cans out on Monday nights
3. Cleans up the kitchen after I make dinner, load the dishwasher & run it before going to bed
4. Unloads the dishwasher first thing every morning
5. Washes ALL our laundry and put it away
6. Helps to clean out & box up things we are putting in our upcoming garage sale (we are tackling only one room each weekend)
7. Cleans all our electronics
8. Gets up with Emily, change her and get her dressed... every single morning!!!
9. Takes and picks up the mail every day
10. Cleans the microwave, stove top and inside of the sink
11. Pulls in Emily's toys at night
12. Takes care of all the outside maintenance and necessary trips to the hardware store
13. Cleans the grill (we use it every week!)


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