Tuesday Toddler Tales

Emily has always bordered on being a picky eater, surprising us now and again by suddenly loving foods she has previously boycotted, and here lately, we are all about "just trying it".

Most of the time, she obliges without hesitation, she seems to trust that we aren't going to give her something disgusting, and will willingly take just one small bite.  If she likes it, she will nod her head, smiling through chewing and say; "yummy".  If she doesn't like it, she will make this gagging sound and open her mouth, as if she is about to spit it out, waiting to see if I will allow it by offering her a napkin.

Other times, for foods she doesn't recognize or doesn't like the color of or the smell of (ha!), we have to bribe her... offer her something she does love in exchange for her trying just one bite.  We've discovered she will eat anything for just a few BBQ chips.  So crazy!

This past week, she has tried (and liked!) cucumber, orzo pasta with roasted carrots, and oven-baked sweet potato fries!

I call that a success! 


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