Tuesday Toddler Tales

There's so much a 3-year old can do, so much more even when compared to just 6 months ago and something that has really come to light is Emily's LOVE of playing games!

We recently purchased a few preschool games including Uno Moo and Go, Fish and, I kid you not, Emily wants to play every.single.day. about a thousand times a day.  hahaha  :)

The games are all really simple in their objectives; they mainly revolve around the matching concept and the main focus is to teach taking turns, waiting & being patient and being a gracious winner and loser!  It only took Emily about 5 games of us playing with her, explaining how to take turns, how to play and what constitues "winning" before she had it down near perfect and was eager to show her friends in the neighborhood.

I **HIGHLY** recommend Uno Moo and Go, Fish for any child turning 3-years old this Christmas!!!


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