November 2009 - Mammogram and Transvaginal Ultrasound

Today, November 13, 2009, was my very first mammogram.  It was not painful as it "ouch, that hurt" but it was uncomfortable.

I was able to go to the NorCal Imaging site in Oakland this time rather than having to drive all the way out to Walnut Creek (Oakland doesn't have the breast MRI machine) so, it took less time out of my day, which was nice because David had to go in to work late as children are NOT allowed at any of these appointments.  I signed in, they photocopied my insurance card, and I had to confirm that I wasn't wearing any perfumes, lotions or deodorants.  They called me back to change into a front-opening gown in a room with a locked cabinet to put all of my things, including jewelry, that had a key I wore around my wrist during the exam.  Then, they ushered me into the room with the X-ray machine and the Technician explained exactly what she was going to do and then, reminded me of it as she was doing it.  She had to lift and manipulate each breast up and onto the little platform thing I had to step up to and then, hold it there to make sure the top of the platform came down onto of each breast perfectly.  My breast was literally smashed between two soft, plates.  I wasn't allowed to breath or move once she counted up to three and had to hold it for about 6 seconds.  Super fast.  I had to take three X-rays per breast: facing left, right and then, front.  The whole procedure took less than 5 minutes!

The Technician walked me back to my dressing room and let me know my films would be sent to my Ob/Gyn in about 3 weeks.  Then, I left.

My Ob/Gyn called about 4 weeks later and let me know the Mammogram was clean.

Transvaginal Ultrasound
Today, November 20, 2009, I had another Transvaginal Ultrasound at NorCal Imaging in Oakland with the same Technician.  Exact same procedure as when I had this done back in May and again, my films came back clean.


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