Thursday Thirteen

The Top 13 things I need to make my annual Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Apple-spice brine for my turkey breast (I don't make an entire turkey as no one eats dark meat)
2. Mild pork sausage for my stuffing
3. Orange zest for my cranberry chutney
4. Whole wheat elbow macaroni and Greuyere cheese for my macaroni & cheese
5. Roasted garlic puree for my mashed potatoes
6. Buttermilk for my home-made biscuits
7. Pureed pumpkin for my pumpkin butter to put on the biscuits
8. Cornstarch to make my turkey gravy
9. Water crackers & Stilton with apricots and proscuitto & figs for my appetizers
10. Domaine Chandon Extra-Dry Riche sparkling wine
11. Robert Mondovi Cabernet 2005 Oakville wine
12. Ground cloves for my pumpkin pie
13. Macintosh apples for my apple tartlets

What's on your Thanksgiving menu and what food items really make the holiday for you?


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