Tuesday Toddler Tales

The stalling tactics of my 3-year old when it comes to bedtime are just... genius and too cute to ignore, it's very hard not to break into a smile, snatch her up and kiss her.

Me: Okay, Emily, that was the last book, it's time to get into bed now.

Emily: I want the aiiiiirplaaaaaane!!!
She's running circles around me with her arms open wide

Me: Okay, here we go, up, up, up! 
I swing her around the room, zooming up and down and all around and even ending with a crash-landing in her crib that she loves so much

Emily: Where's my white blanket?  I don't want this pink one, I want the white one!
She throws the pink comforter over the side of her crib and is pointing at the closet where she knows I keep all her blankets

Me: Here it is!  I lay it across her and tuck her in  Which book would you like to keep in your bed tonight?

Emily:  Hmmm... what's it called?  It's a blue one!  That one, that one!  She points to her bookshelf impatiently as I search for a "blue" one

Me: Emily, here are the blue books: "Good night Goon; Go Bugs, Go; Diary of a Spider; Goodnight Copy Cub and Easter at Our House, which one would you like?

Emily: Goodnight Copy Cub!!!
I hand her the book, turn on her nightlight, make sure she has her Bun-Bun and Lambkins and a pacifier and turn towards the door to shut off the light

Emily: NOOOOOOOOOO, leave the light on, I need the light on!!!

Me: Emily, you know we all sleep with the light off, you have your nightlight and you can read your book with your nightlight on, I'm going to turn it off now and I need you to settle down so you can go to sleep.
I shut the light off

Emily: Okay, mama but I need the curtain open, I need more light
I oblige eventhough it's pitch-black dark outside and having the curtain open does NOTHING!

Me: Okie dokie, the curtain is open, how's that?

Emily: It's great, thanks mama, I love you!  Wait, where's my Scootaloo?  I can't find my pony!
Scootaloo is this My Little Pony she got from a McDonald's Happy Meal a few weeks ago

Me: She's right here, Emily, I pull the pony out from under her white blanket hold on to her tight and don't lose her because mama's leaving your room now because I need to go to bed, too.

Emily: I need a drink, mama, I have had no drink.

Me: Sighing heavily Okay, sit up and take a drink and then it's time to let mama leave so we can both go to sleep.

Emily: It's too dark, mama, leave the door cracked.

Me: You know we can't leave the door opened, sweetie because Allie comes in here and keeps you awake now stop stalling and go to sleep, please!
I stroke her hair out of her face and kiss her and she latches on to my arm 

Emily: No, mama, don't leave me, it's too dark, it's too.... uh, it's, uh... it's scaaaaaaarrryyyyyyyyy!!!
I am seriously about to bust out laughing at this point

Me: Honey, it's NOT scary and it's not too dark.  I need you to show mama you are a big girl and you deserve all the special things I've given you: your nightlight and your book so, let mama go and read for a little while before you fall asleep.  We have to go to sleep so we can wake up and go to the Zoo tomorrow, please don't make me keep you here at home because you aren't listening and aren't obeying mama.

Emily: Okay, mama, but open the closet so I can see if it has a monster inside.
Giggling inside and rolling my eyes, I open the closet

Me: Okay, there you go!  You are all set now and mommy is leaving your room to go to bed.  I love you, good night!

Emily: I love you, mommy.


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