Tuesday Toddler Tales

Oh dear, it seems we have quite the sassy lil thang in our house these days...

Recently, Emily has started with a bit of back-talking: when asked not to do something ("no jumping on the couch, please sit or get off") or when asked to do something ("please pick up your toys, it's time for bed") we are often met with "No!" and that no is sometimes followed up with her running away or continuing the behavior.

We both tell her that being sassy and defiant isn't kind and it won't be tolerated and that her behavior just earned her a 1-count.  We remind her that when she gets to 3 she must sit in time-out.  We've had two time-outs in the past week but at least it's only two!  She usually only gets to a 2-count before she obeys our requests, which IS progress, right?!?

Who knew we'd be experiencing such behavior before age 8?!?   *sigh*


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