Tuesday Toddler Tales

I have always heard, from parents with older children, the "Tantruming Three's" or "Terrifying Three's" was the worst year of raising young children...

but we have yet to experience anything truly terrifying! 

Are we just lucky? 

Does it maybe set in closer to 3 1/2 years old? 

It seems we are experiencing one of the most wonderful times since her birth here lately: she's incredibly kind, gentle, and sweet; she gives endless hugs & kisses and loves to cuddle up in your lap when watching TV or reading books; she's great at sharing; has perfect manners; is patient; and is entirely too precious when she begs to help me cook, wants to climb into her car seat by herself and dress herself, cleans up her toys, feeds the cat and loads her own dishes into the dishwasher.  I just wanna squish her, she's so cute right now!  She rarely looses her temper, she will just keep trying until she figures something out and it seems she really respects the 1-2-3 count discipline we use on her and very rarely ends up in a Time-out.  She's not aggressive, rarely lashes out with hitting or slapping behaviors and it still pretty easy to re-direct to another toy or another activity if things get heated between her and another kid.  She's happy to ride in the car when we're running errands, more than happy to color when waiting on food at a restaurant and lives for the days when we walk down to the park!  If I had to pick one thing that was her favorite it would be playing with other kids, she just lives for the interaction with other kids, younger than her and older!

She's 3 years and 2.5 months old now and we are no longer waiting for the ball to drop!

Did I just jinx us by typing this out?


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