Want to budget and see where your money goes each month?

* Want to budget and see where you money goes each month?
* Want to track your savings?
* Want to get credit card offers that WILL save you money annually?
* Want to keep track of all your bank accounts?
* Want to see your debts (mortgage, auto loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.) all in one place?

Check out Mint.com!

I have been using Mint.com for nearly 2 years now and can attest that it is 100% safe!  Not only is it secure but it's incredible simple and user-friendly in all areas of use including linking all your accounts, setting up & editing a monthly budget, and examining your daily transactions.  Mint.com even introduced an IPhone application, which I adore and use every single day, rather than booting up my computer!

I have all my bank accounts, David's 401(k) accounts with Merryl Lynch, and our ING Savings and HSBC Savings accounts linked up to Mint.com and absolutely LOVE that I can see exactly what's going on with my entire financial portfolio in one place.

If you haven't tried it, DO IT, you won't regret it!


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