Christmas Shopping & Portraits are DONE!

I just cannot believe I am finally done with my Christmas shopping... as in 100%, completely, not one thing left to pick up, not one thing left to wrap, I am D.O.N.E.!!!

I am annoyed however that it took me until 3 days before Christmas to get here.  *sigh*

I did 25% of my shopping online or in CA and had to ship it here to TX and the other 75% while here in Austin in the last week.  It was nice to get out, ALONE and pick things for my loved ones but I absolutely can't stand the crowds (this is not news to those of you who know me!) so, I was a bit flustered and irritated after a few days of circling for a parking spot and waiting in-line behind 15 people at the check-outs.  Ugh!  Reminder: shop online from CA next year!

Oh well, at least my Christmas cards went out last week (did you get yours?!?) and we managed to take our annual family Christmas photos yesterday up at The Picture People.  I have to say, while we were all one big, hot, exhausted, disheveled group, we did go home with some really beautiful photos that I will post as soon as I gain online access.  This year, we opted for grey & red colors and it's been decided that red is definitely Emily's color!  ;)


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