"Giddy-up, Bono!!!" Emily rides her 1st horse

David, Emily and I took a trip to David's best friend's house to meet his new wife and spend some time with them at their ranch.  It was such a surprise to find so many new fouls when we arrived!  Little Oliver, the white one in all the pictures below, wouldn't leave her side, he followed her everywhere!  Quinn is the espresso foul next to Oliver.  Both horses are about 6 months old.

Emily RAN towards them, she isn't afraid of anything, and really seemed to love the horses.  After petting all of them she asked; "Can I ride one?".

Of course we said; "Sure, if it's OK with Kellye and Geren".  We couldn't believe she was about to ride her first horse and wasn't at all scared!

Here's "Bono" their 22-year old, Orphan they adopted years ago, that is the perfect horse for kids to learn to ride on.  Emily absolutely **LOVED** him and refused to get off when Bono needed a break!  :)  Kellye and David aided her in walking him around and around and around, she sat so balanced in the saddle, holding the reigns, giggling the entire time!

It was the most amazing day, so many memories made!

Thank you, Geren & Kellye for inviting us out and being such wonderful, generous hosts!  We can't wait to come back in the summer and see how much they've all grown!  Happy New Year!


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