Thursday Thirteen

Since Christmas is just a week away, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to all the things I love and look forward to at Christmas:

1. Traveling to Texas to spend the Holiday with my family
2. Christmas Eve church service and the petting zoo they have for the kids every year
3. Christmas Tree Lane in Alameda, CA
4. Baking Christmas cookies with Emily
5. Displaying all the wonderful Christmas cards we get from family & friends
6. Trimming the Christmas Tree
7. Zilker Park's Trail of Lights
8. Christmas Day Dinner
9. Fudge!
10. Toys for Tots
11. Our annual family Christmas portraits
12. **GIFT WRAP**
13. Watching Emily open all her gifts and just relishing in her joy


  1. Sadly, the trail of lights is scaled back this year. I haven't gone yet, but I've heard that the tree is so much smaller compared to years in the past.

    This really bums me out :(


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