Tuesday Toddler Tales

At 3 years and 3 months old, Emily is ecstatic about Christmas this year, in fact, she has asked me every day for the past month; "Is it Christmas time, yet?" and she constantly tells me; "I've been a good girl, mommy, Santa is coming to bring me presents!".   While she isn't quite capable of telling me what she wants for Christmas, she does make it clear when she really likes something while we are out shopping and I have been collecting gifts to get for her.  You can see her wishlist **HERE**.

David and I can hardly wait to see her come bounding down the stairs at my mom's house, on Christmas morning, to see the gifts Santa left for her under the tree.  The hairs are standing up on my arms as I type this.

Something that always makes the Holiday so wonderful for our family is our Christmas tradition of having the adults share a meal & a couple bottles of champagne on Christmas Eve and opening all our gifts from each other, while the kids (just Emily... for now!) are sound asleep in their beds.  This way, the adults get some peace & quiet to enjoy the spirit of the Holiday and Christmas Day is devoted to the kids as they tend to rule and steal the spotlight anyway.  ;)  Something else we are adding to our family traditions this year is having Emily help make cookies for Santa and setting them out along with some milk before she goes off to bed.  David is already talking to her about it and she definitely understands.

We can't wait!!!


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