Tuesday Toddler Tales


It's been said here on this blog numerous times that Emily really "gets" some of the ideas of Christmas:

* How gifts come from Santa
* That Elves help Santa make & deliver all the toys
* To be good & obey mommy & daddy or you will end up on "the naughty list"

What's so funny about all this is that, for the past week, she has been calling us out on our behavior should we say a dirty word (like "stupid"); if we get caught looking at or re-arranging the gifts under the tree to make room for additional gifts; if we don't eat our dinner and telling us that we better behave because "Santa is watching" and we might end up on the naughty list.


It's been so great to correct HER bad behavior (lots of whining going on these days!) with the simple suggestion that Santa **IS** watching and that SHE better watch out or she might end up on the naughty list!  :)


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