Tuesday Toddler Tales

To say Emily enjoyed Christmas this year would be a gross understatement...

She was utterly exhausted from all the excitement of waiting for Santa to come and the subsequent thre hours of gift-opening (Gran and Aunt Jenny, you guys went overboard but thank you!!!) that led to the past four days of constant rotation between playing store with her new cash register; challenging you to a game of "Whack-a-Mole"; showing off her new break-dancing moves in her tu-tu, heals and clip-on earrings; reading books with her Tag Reading Pen; drawing your portrait on her Aquadoodle mat; and convincing you to do the dishes in her play dishwasher after she has whipped up some delicious cupcakes in her standing mixer.

It's insane how quiet and independent she has been, playing with her new toys!

At 3-years old, we definitely have our super wonderful moments!


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