*~*A very Merry Christmas to YOU!*~*

We had a blessed day here in Austin, TX with my mom and sister, relishing in Emily's joy as she torn through her gifts with more excitement than we've ever seen before!  It was a nice, chilly day that made it really feel like the holiday season and we didn't do much more than cook, bake, eat and nap!

Emily's gifts this year that I would definitely recommend to your 2.5-4 year old include:

* The Fisher Price Smart Fit Park activity mat
* Talking cash register with a REAL, working microphone
* A 3-wheeled scooter
* The Tag Reading System with "Giraffe's Can't Dance" and "Miss Spider's Tea Party"
* Walkie talkies (hide-n-seek is so much more fun this way!)
* Whack-a-Mole game (we played about 100 times today already)
* DRESS UP!!!  Emily especially loves her wedge heels, clip-on earrings, tu-tu and fake (plastic) lipstick that came in her "My First Purse" set
* Leapster hand-held video game with "Finding Nemo" cartridge
* Pretend play dishwasher and standing mixer
* Talking & dancing Handy Manny Tool Box
* A sleeping bag with carrying bag & water bottle

We also received a new, dual screen DVD player for my SUV as the last one was stolen a few months back, we cannot wait to put that to use!

What a joyous day to be with family and in the company of The Lord, Merry Christmas to YOU and YOURS!!!


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