1st day in Big Girl Panties... well, first evening

We've had ZERO potty training success the few times we've tried since this time LAST year, just to clarify.  She has never wanted to sit on the potty, until recently as she has witnessed several of her friends using the potty.

Emily's diaper rash has been really bad for a few days, to the point I had to bathe her after her last poop, so I took the opportunity to tell her that Pull-ups keep that pee & poop on your butt and that is what causes diaper rash.  And that if she would wear her big girl panties and learn to use the potty, she wouldn't have diaper rash anymore.  I showed her that I moved her stool to the potty and told her that when she felt the urge to pee she should RUN to the bathroom, get up on the stool, pull down her pants & panties and sit on the potty so that her pee went IN the potty.

(She has sat on the potty numerous times in the past month and gets this concept)

She all but RAN to her bedroom, opened her drawer and pulled out her first pair of big girl panties.  She even put them on herself.

6:00pm - Big girl panties went on
I asked her every 5 minutes if she felt like she needed to pee and she said; "nope!"

6:22pm - Emily came around the corner from getting a puzzle in her room, soaking wet from pee... she said; "it was just a accident, mama".  I told her that was OK, it happens when we are learning to use the potty and that we needed to put on a new pair and try again.  She agreed.  Hey, at least she didn't try to hide it.

6:45pm - I told her it was potty time and to sit on the potty.  She sat 8 minutes and nothing happened.

7:15pm - I told her it was potty tine again and to sit on the potty.  She sat 11 minutes and nothing happened.

7:45pm - It was her bedtime so, we put on a Pull-up and we talked about the day and how great she did for trying.  I told her we would try again tomorrow and she said ok.  :)

So, that's the end of our very short, first evening in big girl panties... wish us luck for tomorrow!

P.S. I'm going to read the 3-Day Potty Training Guide my friends Margaret & Amanda printed off for me to make sure I'm doing everything I can to encourage her as I'm just flying by the seat of my pants at this point.


  1. We started to potty train McKenna in August, with no luck. Finally one weekend, I just put her in panties and told her what HAD (in a nice mommy voice) to happen. I asked every 15-20 minutes and typically she would go. Three weeks ago I shipped her to Montessori wearing big girl panties and the biggest prayer ever. She has had 3 accidents in 3 weeks at school and a few at home, but she's getting it. We still do pull-ups for naps and bed time. When she has a consecutive week of dry naps and dry nights we'll ditch the PUs.

    Good luck!


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