30-Day Shred: Day 11

Not to the level I would've liked but I did complete 10 days on the Fat Shredder Diet Plan (the easiest part) and the 30-Day Shred workout DVD.  

For anyone who's been following me on Sparkpeople.com, I will no longer be blogging on Sparkpeople.com as well here on my blog as it's taking up way too much of my time.  I WILL be tracking my nutrition on Sparkpeople (link below) as it's really important to me and helps me stay on task but for the written words of my progress, I will be updating daily here only.  I will also be doing my weekly weigh-ins on Sparkpeople, but will update you all here as well with those results.

I drank more water this week than last, that is for sure!  Leaving my filtering pitcher on the counter so that the water is room temperature has really helped (I've discovered my teeth are sensitive to cold liquids)!  Working out... eh, I'm not into it and I'm certain it's just a hormonal shift during my cycle.  I push through the 30 minutes as best I can and can't wait to flop down on the couch!  I'm also not sleeping well, which is always a sign that it's about "that time of the month".  Ugh.  Lord, give me some additional strength!

Good luck to everyone!!!

My Fat Shredder Diet Plan Document 
To see what I eat each day, broken down into food groups and an explanation of how to follow this diet plan yourself
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My Sparkpeople Calorie Tracker:
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