30-Day Shred: Day 15, Week 2 Results

Hello fat-busters!

It's that time again, to weight and take measurements and see how I did this past week. 

Today was my Week 2 weigh-in plus measurements and here are my results:

Pounds lost:0.0

Inches lost in:

  • Neck: 0.0"
  • Upper arm: 0.0"
  • Waist: 0.0"
  • Hips: 0.0"
  • Upper thigh: 0.0"

A big fat nothing this week... not one pound, not one inch; however, I am in the midst of my cycle and can feel the bloat so, I'm not putting any stock into this week's weigh-in & measurement-taking as I know I am more toned and my clothes fit looser.  :)

How has your week gone?  Any other Week 2 results out there?

Keep up the great work!

My Fat Shredder Diet Plan Document 
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My Sparkpeople Calorie Tracker:
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