30-Day Shred: Day 2

Hello fellow fat-busters!

Today was Day 2 of my 30-day Shred, part of my Getting Thin in 2010 Challenge and, although I'm so sorry I can barely lift my arms, I gave it 100% during my workout this evening!

I knew tonight was grilled chicken Ceasar salad night (because of my Weekly Menu I have posted on the fridge) so, I had a 100% whole wheat english muffin with breakfast, YUM!!!  I miss carbs for breakfast!  I often use one (or both!) of my 100-calorie snacks to get some carbs at breakfast and lunch!  Today, I packed 3oz of ham plus apple slices & a cheese stick for lunch as Emily & I had to run to Target and our trip ran over lunch; it was interested to see how chowing down on cheese pizza and not want any myself.  I realized how much will power I really do have.

Emily didn't nap today so I used the time to update Sparkpeople and my Fat Shredder document (links below), to watch a little TV, play around on Facebook and read my new Family Circle magazine.  Because David is working so late these days, I knew I could get Emily into bed around 7:30pm and workout before he got home, before we ate dinner together at 8:45pm.  I actually enjoyed doing this much better than working out during her nap because today, after my workout, I showered and got into my cozy PJs to relax for the rest of the night.  Yesterday, after my workout, I showered but had to get back into daytime clothes and put my make-up back on in order to go about the rest of my day.

When do you like to work out?

My Fat Shredder Diet Plan Document 
To see what I eat each day, broken down into food groups and an explanation of how to follow this diet plan yourself

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My Sparkpeople Calorie Tracker:
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