30-Day Shred: Day 3 and an injury

Hello fellow fat-busters!

Today was Day 3 of my 30-day Shred, part of my Getting Thin in 2010 Challenge and I'm injured.  My left ankle is KILLING me, to the point that I'm limping as it's tender when I put weight on it.  Argh!!!  I am officially skipping my workout today because I can't bear the pain.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with my Ob/Gyn... I wonder if I can bring it up to her for some guidance?!?!?  Oh well, I hope to pick back up with The Shred tomorrow!  I did eat really well today, at least!

I get burnt out on scrambled egg whites for breakfast OFTEN, I can only eat them 3-4 mornings each week so, I often eat a bowl of mixed fruit, a toasted english muffin, and a glass of mik; however, I knew we were having crispy beef tacos for dinner so, I skipped the english muffin this morning.  :)  Also, because I skipped the eggs for breakfast, I needed to make up for the missed protein so, I had 3oz of turkey rolled up to eat with my pretzels and peanut butter for my snack today. I also doubled up on my ham for lunch (6oz instead of 3) and had 6oz of ground beef for dinner).

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