30-Day Shred: Day 4... still inured

Hello fat-busters!

Ugh, I'm officially pissed off... I am still having trouble just walking and even tried to do Level 1 of The 30-Day Shred tonight and couldn't bear the pain.  My husband thinks I must have just stepped on it wrong as it's not swollen and my Ob/Gyn at this morning's appointment agreed with him.

An injury is the quickest way to fall off the workout wagon, don't let me give up, I need the encouragement! 

Eventhough I can't workout right now, I am still very strictly adhering to my Fat Shredder Diet Plan, eating scrambled egg whites with bacon for breakfast, a turkey & swiss roll-up with tomatoes and my favorite spaghetti and meatballs recipe by Ellie Kreiger for dinner. 

I can drink a lot more water, in a shorter amount of time when it's room temperature so, I started setting my water filltering pitcher out on the counter. 

Good luck everyone, I hope to start anew on Monday should I not be 100% by this weekend.


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