Get Thin in 2010 - Let the Countdown Begin!

See that nifty little countdown up above this post...

That is my daily reminder that I will get thin in 2010 because I am going to conquer Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred, beginning Monday, January 11, 2009.  Are you in?

I have a profile on already and you can follow me along in my SECOND journey for a healthier me by joining and adding me as a friend by clicking ***HERE***.

I will be journaling my progress daily in my Sparkpeople Blog and tracking my caloric intake as well as my daily activity with their free, online program.  I have used it before and loved it... my problems in the past, my failures, were due to a lack of motivation on my part.  Hence why I am announcing my goals to the world, here on my blog, I need you all to hold me accountable!  Leave me a comment, encourage me, let me encourage you and let's kick the flab this year for good!


  1. I'll join ya! I'm need to lose about 30lbs myself and am starting a weight loss blog too!


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