January 2010 - Annual Exam and meeting with Ob/Gyn

Today, January 7, 2010, was my annual exam, pap smear and meeting with my Ob/Gyn to discuss the events of this past year since I tested positive for BRCA 1 and began my preventative journey.

I told her I felt completely comfortable with all the procedures and exams, getting the request forms from her Assistant and following up for all the results and that I was confident going forward this year as well.  I was honest and told her how much I hated taking the Pill everyday but that I will keep doing it.  :)  Also, because I turned 30 at the end of 2009, Dr. B. suggested I meet with a Dr. Bailey some time this year, to discuss some options in my future regarding elective surgeries and induced-Menopause and I agreed so I asked her Assistant to prepare me a Referral which will be mailed to me next week.  I'm not sure exactly when I'll make this appointment.

Then, she dropped a bombshell on me... she was leaving the practice to pursue more Obstetric opportunities at a hospital closer to her hometown.  *sigh*  To say I was devastated is an understatement, I was absolutely crushed at the idea of starting all over with a brand new Ob/Gyn but also upset that I felt so unsure of finding someone who was as passionate about women's breast health.  But such is life.  She did recommend one of her colleagues in the same office, Dr. P. and I agreed to see her in July as scheduled.  Dr. B. said she already informed Dr. P. of my situation, gave her my file and preventative calendar and had a lengthy meeting with her about my situation.  This made me feel a little better but I'm still really bummed about losing someone who I have grown to trust.

I stopped at the lab near my house to do my annual blood work (HIV, STDs, and cholesterol testing) before going home and telling David about it all.  The blood draw is officially the worst part about all of this!  I despise needles...

So, here's to another year of clean films and hopefully a new relationship with Dr. P.!!!


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