Meal Planning 1/31 thru 2/6

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Safeway: $103.79
Eating Right boneless, skinless breasts (on sale $1.99/lb, which is cheaper than Costco so, I purchased a pack of 8 breasts and would've bought more but my freezer is getting too full!!!)
Stew Meat (50% off sale as it expires in 3 days)
1lb ground beef (FREE because I spent more than $50 in groceries, coupon in the Safeway flyer)
1lb italian sausage (50% off sale as it expires in 3 days)
(2) Organic flax seed waffles (normally $3.99, on sale 2@$4)
(2) Toaster Streudels (normally $4.99, only $1.99 each)
Organic chopped spinach (normally $3.99, on sale $1.99)
Organic peas (normally $3.99, on sale $1.99)
Fiber 1 yogurt (on sale $2.99)
Gingerbread cookie mix (normally $2.50, on sale $0.99)
Oatmeal cookies
Frozen tator tots (normally $5.99, on sale $2.99)
(2lbs) Deli pan-roasted turkey (normally $9.99/lb, on sale $5.99/lb)
(1lb) Deli ham
Parmagano-Reggiano cheese
Provolone sliced cheese (normally $3.99, on sale $1.99)
Peanut butter
(2) Eating Right Kids O's with Meatballs (normally $1.99, on sale $0.99)
(1) Fire-roasted diced tomatoes (on sale 10@$10 but I don't have the room to stock up so I only got the one can I needed for this week)
Apple cider (normally $5.99, on sale only $3.99 and will need for ribs next week)
Green onions
Annie's cinnamon bunnies (normally $5.99, on sale $2.99)
Organic mac 'n cheese (normally $1.99, on sale 2@$2)
Goldfish crackers
Organic cookies (on sale only $1.99... I got the last bag and was frustrated that I couldn't buy more!)
Pablano chiles
White onions
Honey crisp apples
French rolls

Our Meal Plan this week:
Fettuccine alfredo with chicken
Crockpot shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches on french rolls with tator tots
Enchiladas Verde with chips & guacamole
Chile con Carne with cornbread
Hawaiian burgers
Spinach, sausage & provolone pizza

These meals bring my inventory down to:
6 chicken breasts (I bought 3 more servings today)
2 ground turkey
3 ground beef
1 flank steak
7  drumsticks
6 wings
1 spare ribs
1 pork tenderloin

Stay turned for next week's spending and purchases!


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