Meal Planning: Sunday 1/3 thru Saturday 1/9

Meal Planning: Sunday 1/3 thru Saturday 1/9

Today, I filled my deep freezer with meats from Costco, stopped at Safeway and ended up at Whole Foods for fruit that Safeway was out of (argh!).

Costco $92.69

9, 2pk boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2, 1.5lb flank steaks
8, 5pk drumsticks
8, 6pk wings
5lbs ground beef
4, 1.25lb pk ground turkey
1lb Sweet, italian turkey sausage

This meat will provide dinner for the three of us for 26 days.  The other 4 days (1 day per week) will be "leftovers/sandwich/whatever you can find" days.

I completely forgot to save my recipt from Safeway and Whole Foods so, I can't remember exactly what I spent and on what, sorry fellow meal planners!  I'll remember this Sunday, I promise!   :)

Our Meal Plan this week:
Sun - Eat out/Leftovers

Mon - Cheesy beef mac

Tues - Sausage & Spinach Pizza

Wed - Dungeness crab with potatoes au gratin (had the crab from last week)

Thurs - Hawaiian turkey burgers with oven fries

Fri - Shredded BBQ beef over baked potatoes (had the stew meat from a previous month)

Sat - Birthday party, no dinner tonight

These meals bring my inventory down to:
9 chicken breasts
3 ground turkey
4 ground beef
1 sweet, Ialian turkey sausage
2 flank steak
8 drumsticks
8 wings

Stay turned for next week's spending and purchases!


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