Meal Planning: Sunday 1/10 thru Saturday 1/16

Meal Planning: Sunday 1/10 thru Saturday 1/16

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Safeway: $133.64
Head of romaine lettuce
Bagged baby spinach (Buy 1, Get 1 free)
Salad dressing (normally $4.99, on sale 2@$5.00)
Organic crackers (normally $4.35, on sale 2@$5.00)
Deli meat, procuitto and cheese
Cottage cheese
Granola bars (normally $4.19, on sale $1.99)
Fiber One Poptarts
Eating Right canned fruit cocktail and peaches
Tortilla chips
Champagne (normally $20.99, on sale $12.99)
English muffins (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Sandwich bread
Daffodills (2@$6)

As you can see from the photo above and my detailed receipt, I stocked up on things I didn't need that were on a great sale, like the granola bars, english muffins (they freezer wonderfully!), champagne (I'm hosting poker this month), and salad dressing (doesn't expire until May 2010) and my bill was still less than $150.  Because I stocked up on things like pureed tomatoes, cereal, dried fruit, shredded cheese, condiments like Ketch-up and BBQ sauce, as well as seasonings and pastas at Costco, I won't have to purchase a whole lot of stuff each week for another month or so.  Once I plow through my stash, I can give you a more accurate dollar amount of what it costs for us to eat each week. 

P.S. I tried a hundred times to get a photo of my receipt and could NOT do it, any tips?!?!?

Our Meal Plan this week:
Sun - Turkey Lasagna

Mon - Leftovers/sandwiches

Tues - Chicken Ceasar salad

Wed - Crispy Beef Tacos

Thurs - Turkey meatballs with fire-roasted tomato sauce over whole wheat pasta

Fri - Leftovers/sandwiches (David's going out)

Sat - Order Pizza

These meals bring my inventory down to:
8 chicken breasts
2 ground turkey
4 ground beef
2 flank steak
8 drumsticks
8 wings

Stay turned for next week's spending and purchases!


  1. I have been thinking of doing something very similar to this so that I could track our spending habits. Thanks for sharing! You've given me great ideas!

  2. I agree! I found you through the SAHM book club on the bump (KMS1025) and I am soo glad I found your blog too. I really want to start doing better with our groceries and actually use the food we have. You give me a bunch of great ideas. Yay!


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