Thursday Thirteen

Everyone has New Year's resolutions... don't they?!?

Am I the only one still making them year after year, some times making the same resolutions year after year?  

Here are thirteen things I hope to resolve in 2010:

1. My battle with this excess weight.  Ugh, it has GOT to go this year for sure. 
2. Being a more present wife, I tend to tune David out when I've had a long day and he's rambling on about his latest project.
3. Less TV and more fun with mom for Emily! 
4. Better, more thorough cleaning of our home and that includes that spot behind the toilets.  Ew!
5. Keeping my car clean, it's utterly disgusting and reeks most of the time from all the crushed up food I leave for weeks in the backseat.
6. More shopping for myself and "me" time WITHOUT the guilt.
7. Better organization here at home, no more letting my "to be filed" stack get sky high.
8. Less Redbull, more water!
9. I'm throwing out my stretchy pants and going to dress more attractively for myself and my husband.
10. More date nights for David & I, we have an awesome babysitter and should use her more often!
11. I'm going to read 25 more books this year.
12. Once Emily begins preschool, I'm going to find more time to volunteer my time.
13. I'm going to hire a Gardner to take some work off David and free up his weekends so we can have more family time.


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