Thursday Thirteen

I never thought of myself as a procrastinator but I recently found a to-do list from a few months ago and realized that not one thing had been crossed off.  Maybe I've just been too busy, the Holiday travels and Preschool research?!?  *sigh*

Because of my New Year's Resolutions (specifically numbers 4, 7 and 13), I've added the things on that to-do list to my current to-do list, rather than just throwing it away in an attempt to forget about all the things I have left undone.  Aren't you proud?  :)

This week's Thursday Thirteen is a list of things on my current to-do list:

1. Clean out Emily's closet from all the clothes, shoes & coats she's outgrown to add to my garage sale pile in my garage so that I'll finally have room for all the clothes she's currently wearing
2. Purchase shelves and maybe an actual organization system from Ikea or The Container Store for my desk supplies, stamps & return address labels, coupon folder, etc. as we packed up our Desktop Mac computer and sold that ugly computer desk
3. Help David set up his new table, chair and shelves where the old computer desk use to be over the MLK Holiday
4. Interview two Gardners I have appointments with this weekend (finally)
5. Shop for a lighter down comforter and some new bedding
6. Attend the East Bay Moms Preschool Fair to begin our search for a Preschool
7. Attend Kiddie Kampus Co-Op here in Alameda this month in our search for a Preschool
8. Make room for all of Emily's new toys
9. Make an appointment with our Vet for Allie to get her teeth cleaned and her 2 year shots
10. Relocate the litterbox
11. Create and then, hang a photo frame collage of our family in our dining room
12. Purchase a new phone for the house, the old answering machine is on it's last leg
13. Create a coffee table book for my dad of Emily since birth


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