Thursday Thirteen

We have so much going on and coming up on our family calendar, I'm starting to see just how important that calendar really is!  We keep everything from bills that are due and upcoming appointments to what I am making for dinner and when one of us is going out on it.  It's so great to have one place to consult as we seem to be running in opposite directions these days.

Thirteen things coming up in our lives in the next 30 days:

1. Lawn maintenance estimate/interview
2. Mom's Night Out in Alameda
3. East Bay Mom's Preschool Fair on Lake Merritt
4. Poker Night here at our house
5. Amanda's dental appointment
6. Kiddie Kampus Information Night
7. David's hair-cut
8. Oil change & 65,000 mile maintenance appointment
9. Birthday party
10. Amanda's hair-cut and color
11. Cirque du Soleil "Ovo" show
12. The Melting Pot - Valentine's Dinner Date
13. My first garage sale


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