Thursday Thirteen

Some times it's the smallest things in life that make us the happiest, whether everything is just perfect or we are suffering from some hardships and I recently realized that in this whirlwind I call my life, I don't stop to truly appreciate the things that, if gone, I would miss the most.

Thirteen things that truly made my day recently:

1. Gorgeous pink gerbera daisies and pink roses at Whole Foods that have lit up my kitchen for nearly a week now
2. David staying up to nearly 1:00AM to assemble my new console table and library desk
3. A play date this morning with a friend I don't spend nearly enough time with
4. The cookies our next door neighbor's children made for Emily, just to say; "hi"
5. My daily conversations with my mother
6. Seeing my Real Simple magazine in my mailbox
7. A warm, roaring fire while snuggled up in a fluffy blanket next to my husband
8. Emily screeching; "Look, mama, those flamingos stand on one leg!!!" while visiting the zoo this morning... her fascination with the world around her really gets me
9. A hot bath at the end of the day with a really good book
10. The airline confirmation from my best friend who's visiting me in March
11. Clean sheet day!!!
12. Nap time
13. The smell of the peony & white lily lotion my sister gave me for Christmas


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